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Milton Tryouts

Rush Union is a US Club Players First- Licensed Club,
and Southeastern Clubs Champions League (SCCL) member

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Pre Academy Supplemental Evaluations
Boys and Girls 2017 & 2016
Tuesday November 7th
5:00 pm-6:00 pm

at Stars Soccer Complex  14295 Birmingham Highway  Milton

Contact us at if you have any questions!


Academy (2014-2015)  Contact Us
Academy/SCCL Players (2012-2013) Contact Us
SCCL Select Players (2010-2011) Contact Us

Contact us at if you have any questions!


Financial Assistance Application
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Post Tryout Steps:
All players will be contacted via email with instructions for the next steps.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Tryout Information:

There is NO cost to tryout.
Players that pre-register will receive a confirmation email. 
Be sure to check in at the registration table each night that you attend. 
Players should bring water, shin guards and a soccer ball
Be sure to check the website for field status updates at or
our weather hotline at 770-414-6899.  

Additional Tryout Information Links:

Click to see the new Superstorm Kit for Fall 2023-Spring 2024

Superstorm Kit

Superstorm Kit

2023-2024 Coach List

Projected Girls Coach List:

Girls Coach List:

2015 Academy - Tyler Guentz/Isaac Ledesma

2014 Academy - Tyler Guentz/Sarah Leonard

2013 Academy - Israel Kami/Helena Dias

2012 Academy - Israel Kami/Helena Dias

2011 Rush - Israel Kami

2011 Azul - Tyler Guentz

2010 Rush - Isaac Ledesma

2008/2009 Rush - Helena Dias

Boys Coach List:

Projected Boys Coach List:

2015 Academy - Juan Castellanos/Justin Arnold/TBD

2014 Academy - Junior Burgos/Deon McCaulay/TBD

2013 Academy - Deon McCaulay/ Walter Restrepo/ Luis Seijas

2012 Academy - Junior Burgos/Luis Seijas/Justin Arnold

2011 Rush - Luis Seijas

2011 Azul - Walter Restrepo

2010 Rush - Neil McNab

2010 Azul-  Deon McCaulay

2009 Rush - Walter Restrepo

2008 Rush - Juan Castellanos

2008 Azul - Juan Castellanos

2006/2007 Rush - Junior Burgos


Pre-Academy  Coaching List:

Boys Pre-Academy -

Juan Castellanos

Mark Bailey

Percy Flores

Justin Arnold

Luis Seijas

Girls Pre-Academy -

Helena Dias

Jonathan Ramos

Isaac Ledesma

Sarah Leonard

Goal Keeper - 

Jonathan Ramos

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14295 Birmingham Hwy 
Milton, Georgia 30004


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